description:The French Football League (Ligue 1, referred to as "Ligue 1") is the highest level of football in France and is managed and operated by the French Professional Football League (Ligue de Football Professionalnel). In the early days of Ligue 1, there was no super strong team that dominated the league for a long time, even the ten-time champion Saint-Etienne and the eight-time champion Nantes, until the appearance of Lyon, the seven consecutive champions in 2001.
FRA Ligue 1 Future events Historical events
2023-09-27 Wednesday
2023-09-25 Monday
2023-09-24 Sunday
2023-09-23 Saturday
2023-09-18 Monday
2023-09-17 Sunday
2023-09-16 Saturday
2023-09-04 Monday
2023-09-03 Sunday
2023-09-02 Saturday
2023-08-28 Monday
2023-08-27 Sunday